Border Parotta

Welcome to Courtallam Border Parotta, a 53-year-old authentic Tamil Nadu - Kerala border eatery located in the heart of South Harrow, London. We pride ourselves on serving delicious traditional South Indian meals that will surely tempt your taste senses.

Our menu features a wide range of food, each prepared using the authentic and highest quality ingredients. From our signature parotta's and idiyappam to our aromatic curries and spicy biryanis, there's something for everyone at Courtallam Border Parotta.

Our Story


At Courtallam Border Poratta, we don't just offer delicious South Indian cuisine - we also have a beautiful venue that's perfect for hosting small parties and events.


Courtallam Border Poratta is the ideal venue for your special occasions. We offer a comfortable setting and can accommodate up to 200 guests. Let us help you make your event unforgettable!


Experience the delicious taste of Border Poratta from Rahmath Hotel - where it all began! For over 53 years, we've been serving up the most authentic and flavorful porotta that's made with only the best ingredients and country chicken from our farm in Courtallam.


Prepared by master chefs of Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai the "Nattu Kozhi Biryani" is a favorite for millions in the country. Biryani here is made from handpicked spices and tender meat using tradiotional cooking methods.